Payment options

1. Pay on delivery:
Upon receipt of the order, you pay the amount due to the courier (cash on delivery). Cash on delivery charges the shipping costs with an additional 1,50 euros.

2. With credit card:
PayPal  Payment by credit card through the PayPal portal with debit or credit cards of all banks.

The following cards are accepted:
Visa  Mastercard  Maestro  diners  discover 

3. Bank account deposit:
By deposit in a bank account. The deposit can be made to the following accounts::

• EuroBank
IBAN: GR4502606990000520200156926

• Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR5601722390005239103017956


ATTENTION: Enter the same SURNAME or order number with which you placed the order as a reason for deposit and deposit the exact amount of the order.

4. Cash / Card at the physical store:
Place your order through the site or by phone and then contact together us to pay the your order from our site. The store has POS for the following cards :
Visa  Mastercard  Maestro